Custom Slipcases

We are happy to introduce our custom hand-made and French polished wood slipcases and clamshell boxes for the discerning bibliophile. The slipcases can be ordered in a variety of veneers including lacewood and burlwood, and, in addition to the stunning look, they are extremely solid and durable.

We can also accommodate requests for special designs, which differ from the sample shown below. Current time frame for completion is 4 to 6 weeks from the day the order is received.

The slipcase below was done in highly polished lacewood. The inner walls as well as the bottom edge are lined with felt in order to keep both your book and your shelves safe.

Prices for a standard size like the sample start at $400 + $30 for Priority Mail shipping. Larger sizes and/or different types of woods and designs will be quoted on request.

The book shown is a custom sheepskin binding stamped in blind and with vellum labels on the spine for the first American edition of the fantasy classic Watership Down by Richard Adams.

For additional information or to order please contact us at

Phone: 518-391-8027